In the studio

2017-04-26 14:21:10 by JoshuaLeeWest

Working on new design for inventory menus- i tell ya, trying to stay unique and original while coming up with a nice design, it really something else... But I think I have it figured out now ;)

Don't Blow Me Up! HD Mobile Game In GooglePlay Store for Free!!

2017-04-25 17:03:44 by JoshuaLeeWest

Fun; Action, Story and More.
Dive into an unforgettable story of Esteen.

GooglePlay Store Link:


'Don't Blow Me Up!' Is an action side-scroll game that offers power-ups; lots of Fighting, original story-line with unique characters and gameplay. Giving you more than enough fun to game to the fullest!
*Ads in this game is provided by Google. I do not have complete control over exactly what ads are provided, that is handled by Google only.
Welcome To 'Don't Blow Me Up!'
This game offers a fun and unique gameplay. With easy controls making it player friendly for anyone to pickup and play the game with ease, allowing you to enjoy the game and story.
Your reviews and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Free Stuff!!
don't forget to tap the 'Free Stuff' icon in-game!
you will be able to choose to download the complete soundtracks and/or a HD bundle of wallpapers for FREE! at anytime you want! 
It's my way of not just saying, but also showing my appreciation.
Features highlight:
1. Power-up Abilities to give your enemies something to remember!
2. 30 Achievements to collect all with custom icons each!
3. Social:  Post achievements, scores and more to twitter!
4. Much More!
Again, your reviews and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Share your experience and screen shots on the Facebook Page:
Be careful, don't blow up, and most importantly Game To The Fullest.

Not to long ago I released an open beta of this game and received a lot of valuable feedback. Which has help this game improve dramatically!
I am working on another open beta of my game (which will also include many of the changes) for now I did create a new story/Gameplay trailer that will show some of the new gameplay, features, and give you insight of the dept of story Maze Attack will offer.


Don't forget to leave feedback! it is much appreciated!

Felt like it has taken forever, nevertheless now i finally have not just help but also the tools i need for creating my video game and summiting it through the web and mobile stores!


it's just a matter of time now.


2013-09-30 02:00:25 by JoshuaLeeWest

Newgrounds is very cool just joined to day and I really like the layout and easy navigation!
Good job Newgrounds!

well off to bed I go! :)